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Nurturing parents in the fourth trimester

The first weeks and months after the birth of your baby are the most magical time - but they can also be challenging. Welcoming a child (whether it's your first or your seventh !) is a huge transition, and I believe families deserve the most genuine and heartfelt support during this time. The first twelve weeks after your baby's birth are known as the Fourth Trimester, and at this time your baby needs will be very high - which is why feeling supported is so important.

A doula isn't a nanny - whilst we are always more than happy to cuddle babies and support siblings, our care is focused on the new mother and on the family as a whole. We will nurture, listen, ensure the parent can rest, regain their strength, and feel empowered to step into their new role.

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.”

Your postnatal support

My postnatal support is uniquely tailored to suit you and your family.

The range of support may include :


  • Listening to the parents talk about anything and everything – how the birth went, how they're feeling, their expectations and worries about their new baby's, how feeding and sleep is going.


  • Evidence based information. Reassuring you on what is normal in terms of infant behaviour (feeding, sleeping, etc.) If necessary I can signpost you to online information, helplines, or to specialist help, whether it is a feeding consultant or mental health support.


  • Making nutritious food, hot drinks, doing light housework, running errands or helping with childcare of a sibling. General help whilst you recover from a cesarean birth.


  • Looking after baby whilst mum rests, sleeps, showers, etc. If you're among the people who would rather not receive visitors, a doula can also guard the door !


  • Assisting in the transition when a partner returns to work, if there are worries about being alone with baby all day.


  • I am also there for you virtually, and you may reach me via messaging or phone call at any point in this time commitment.


  • Not just when baby is small : a doula is somebody that will always listen, always validate your feelings, and never judge your situation or your choices. We all have parenting days where we want to run away, and a doula can lend you her ear at any point of your parenting journey.


Postnatal support per hour


No minimum number of hours or deposit required. I am available in the evenings and weekends.


Closing the Bones


(£80 if booked alongside the Birth doula package or the Postnatal package).


Closing the Bones is a combination of a massage and a healing ceremony after birth, done at your home. It comes from mexican and ecuadorian traditional practices, and uses a Rebozo, a traditional woven shawl, to gently sway and wrap the new mother in a healing, supportive cocoon. It can be performed at any point after giving birth, but more often is done in the early postnatal days. You can have a Closing the Bones years after your last birth, during menopause, and to honor your body at any point in your life.

Read more about it here


I donate 10% of my earnings for this service to associations supporting the vitality of ecuadorian and mexican midwives associations.


Birth Listening session – 2 hours

(£50 if booked alongside the Birth doula package or the Postnatal package).


2 hours session to revisit your birth, explore your feelings, and gently support you to process them if anything did not go to plan, or if you're having negative feelings around the birth. This can be done at home or on Zoom. Read more about it here

“From start to finish Jeanne was such a calming and empowering presence - we felt truly heard and supported by her. Our appointments always left us feeling reassured and relaxed.” - Lionel


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