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Supporting you to heal

Birth Listening sessions


This is an in-person or virtual appointment aimed at people who have experienced negative feelings, complications or trauma around their pregnancy, labour or birth. It can also be helpful for the birthing partner. It can take place in your home, or anywhere that you feel safe, and last between one and two hours.


Very often, when our labour or birth don't go to plan, there can be a lot of left over stress, anger, doubt and confusion for the birthing person and their partner. It can feel like you haven't been listened to, your wishes not respected, or that the arrival of your baby was too fast, or too stressful, and you struggle to recall it in a positive light.


Whilst this is in no way a therapy session, it will allow you to share your experience in a safe space. I practice empathetic listening, which means there will be no correction, judgement or opinion coming from my side. I will be there only to listen to you and validate however you might be feeling about your birth and your baby. I will not make you go into details of your trauma, but will allow you to share exactly what you want to share, so that you can come to a better understanding of your birth, and maybe leave some of the negative feelings behind.


This session is entirely confidential and can be done with or without your partner attending.


Rebirthing sessions


Sometimes, births don't happen like we envisioned. Maybe you wanted a home birth and ended up in hospital. Maybe you had an emergency cesarean and felt like your first moments with your baby were rushed and stressful. Maybe your baby needed to go to intensive care and you feel like you missed out on early bonding moments with them. All births are valid and beautiful, but if your birth looked very different from what you wanted initially, it's normal to harbour feelings of disappointment, sadness, anger, or grief.


A rebirthing session aims to bring you closure and healing around your birth experience. It is tailored to suit your needs and your baby's needs, and is usually done in your home. I would usually start with a conversation, so that you may share anything you want to share : what you wanted for your birth, how it unfolded, how you felt about it, how you feel about your new baby and your new role. I would then offer to guide you through a gentle relaxation and meditation, which you can do whilst holding your baby if you wish. Finally, I would prepare a herbal bath to allow you and baby to reconnect, skin to skin, as if you were meeting for the first time – this time, in a calm, nurturing, restorative setting. This ritual can be adapted to suit your particular needs and vision.


This session is entirely confidential and can be done with or without your partner attending.

Three Step Rewind



What is Three Step Rewind ?


The Three Step Rewind is a relaxation and visualisation technique which allows you to safely revisit a difficult or traumatic memory in your life, in order to free yourself from the negative feelings that come from it. If you are preparing to give birth and are struggling with a trauma coming from a previous birth or a difficult event in your life, this technique can help you feel more at peace – it will not take the memory away, only the challenging emotions that come from it.


How does it work ?


Three Step Rewind is a psychological method for dealing with trauma. It is non invasive, safe and highly effective, and used by NLP practitioners around the world. It is practiced in three steps – each session lasting between one and two hours :


Step 1 : I will go over the process with you – you are always in control of the process, and may stop it at any point if you feel uncomfortable. If you wish to do so, you may share with me the difficult memory you want to be working on, but you do not have to – this process will be effective whether you share it or not. I will then guide you through a full body relaxation, which you may record if you want to practice it at home.


Step 2 : In this session, we will once again practice the relaxation and than do a first rewind, using t a visualisation which will allow you to revisit the event in a safe way. You will usually feel much better at the end of the session, but the results may increase over time.


Step 3 : This is a closing session in which we can talk about the effects of the rewind and how you are feeling.

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