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Why invite a doula to your birth ?

My belief is that every person has the right to birth exactly how they choose, in the environment where they feel most safe and supported. I am here to allow you to have the birth you dream of, and to come out of the experience peaceful, empowered, and proud. I am passionate about birth and look to build trust and understanding with my clients - both the birthing person and their partner. I aim to bring a deep sense of calm and safety so that the birth process can freely unfold.

Birth is a life changing event - how it unfolds has the potential to deeply affect the rest of your life, and your experience as a parent. As a birth doula, my purpose is to be like clay : soft, flexible, and modelled after your unique needs and your own inspiration for your dream birth.

“Childbirth is an experience in a woman’s life that holds the power to transform her forever. Passing through these powerful gates – in her own way – remembering all the generations of women who walk with her… She is never alone.”

– Suzanne Arms

Your doula support

My support during pregnancy and birth is uniquely tailored to suit you and your family.

The range of support may include :


During pregnancy :

  • Discussing your birth preferences and helping you write a birth plan.

  • Listening to you talk about anything you want to share : your worries and doubts about pregnancy, birth, and parenthood ; your inspirations and joys ; etc.

  • Providing you with evidence based information to allow you to make informed decisions about your labour and birth.

  • Helping your partner feel involved in the pregnancy and the run up to labour, helping him figure out how to support you best in labour.


During labour :


  • Helping you feel safe and relaxed. Maintaining your ideal environment for birth. Supporting you physically with massage, help with posture, breathing and relaxation.

  • Making sure you are eating, drinking and resting when possible.

  • Providing a encouraging, nurturing presence, holding your hand, breathing with you, or simply supporting you by being at your side in silence.

  • If necessary, acting as your advocate to support your choices and ensure you are given options during your birth. Making sure you have to tools to navigate your birth and assert your rights if needed.

  • Supporting your birth partner and making him/her feel welcome, involved and safe.


Birth Doula package

Free initial, no obligation meetup to get to know each other and make sure I'm the right doula for you


Minimum three antenatal visits in your home


Assistance working on a birth plan/birth preferences


On call support from 38 weeks to your birth


Constant presence at your birth from as early as you want me, and until after the baby is born


One postnatal visit in your home


Virtual support (phone, messaging or video) up until 6 weeks after your birth

(I am a mentored doula, and my fee reflects this).


Fourth trimester planning sessions

(£50 if I am your birth doula)


Two hours session to discuss your plans for post partum, covering your expectations for sleeping, feeding, and general infant behaviour, and help your organise the support you'll need. This can be done at home on zoom.


Three Step Rewind


The Three Step Rewind is a relaxation and visualisation technique which allows you to safely revisit a difficult or traumatic memory in your life, in order to free yourself from the negative feelings that come from it. Read more about it here


What type of birth do you support ?


I'm happy to support all types of birth : at home or in hospital, cesareans births, VBAC, etc.

What does "On call" mean ?


When you reach 38 weeks, I'll go on call for you, meaning I'll be available for you 24/7 and you will become my priority. I will stay in the area and won't travel or make other plans. I'll always keep my phone nearby and my bag ready, so that when you call me in labour, not matter the time of day or night, I'll be able to come to you promptly.

Do you provide an agreement?  


Yes, I provide you with an agreement for birth support, and one for postnatal. They are not legal documents but simply outline the terms of my service and our commitment to one another.

Do you take a deposit? 


Yes – I'll take 50% of the package fee when you decide you want to book me as a doula, and the remaining 50% will be received before 37 weeks.

“From start to finish Jeanne was such a calming and empowering presence - we felt truly heard and supported by her. Our appointments always left us feeling reassured and relaxed.” - Lionel


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