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The Heirloom

Birth, postnatal & parenting support

Hello, and welcome

to The Heirloom.


Once upon a time, when a woman got pregnant,

it was like greeting an old friend.


She would have grown up surrounded by pregnant women and babies. She would have seen her mother, her aunts, her neighbours, grow big bellies, give birth, and nurse their children. She would have held, rocked, changed and sung to the babies. She would have seen the power of a woman in labour, and the fragility she shared with her newborn.


When she herself got pregnant, the same women would gather around her. They would tell her their birth stories, listen to her doubts and fear, reassure and empower her. They would give her a map, a compass, and directions to navigate the next phase of her life – motherhood.


On the day of her birth, they would gather again, talking in hushed voices by the fire, and when she had given birth to her baby, they would feed her, wrap her, massage her, and allow her to rest.


This was more valuable than any material gift. Passed down from one generation to another, the knowledge that she was enough. That her body intuitively knew how to nurture and birth her baby. The knowledge that she was not alone on her path – that the growing, the opening, the nursing, the rocking, had been a part of her, from the start. A true heirloom of wisdom, sisterhood, and love.


Today, many of us live far away from our families, in different countries, and often we find ourselves isolated when we need this support the most.


I am a doula because I believe every mother deserve to be given constant, nurturing support, and be empowered to choose how they birth their baby.

I want each woman to walk into motherhood with this heirloom.



I’ve contacted you,

now what ?


I'll respond to your email promptly and suggest we have a phone call, then arrange a meeting, so that you can judge whether I'm the right fit for you. Our initial meeting is free, and it can be at your home or somewhere else. We can also organise it online if you wish.

How will I benefit from a doula? 


People around you have a significant impact on how you feel, and this is even more true during pregnancy, which for many is a powerful, yet vulnerable time. As a doula I bring a calming presence, a non-judgemental, always supportive gaze on your journey and your choices, and a wealth of knowledge that can help you make informed decisions about your pregnancy and birth. I can team up with your partner, but won't replace them. A doula cannot guarantee that your birth will unfold exactly as you planned it, but she will be by your side no matter what, as a constant and trusted companion.

When should I book a doula?  


I would usually suggest booking a doula before your second trimester, because building a secure relationship is so important. It allows us ample time to meet and discuss your wishes. If I have availability, you can book me as soon as you wish. Some clients decide they need or want a doula last minute. I'm happy to start supporting you in the weeks/days leading to your birth, if I'm available. If not, I can help you connect with other wonderful doulas.

Who can access your support?


I offer my support to anyone, regardless of circumstances, gender, race or religion, as long as our relationship is a positive one, and most importantly one that brings you the support and calm you're searching for. If you are struggling with payment, please let me know so that we can work on a solution together – I am open to payment plans and trade payments.

Do doulas support dads/partners?


Your partner can benefit immensely from the support of a doula. My goal is to help them to step into their role as a new parent with greater confidence and ability to support the birthing person. I'm very aware that each couple has a different view of privacy, and can adapt my support in order for you to feel nurtured, yet respected in your intimacy.

Where are you based and which areas do you cover ?


I live in South Cambridgeshire and can cover any area within an hour drive from Cambridge.

“From start to finish Jeanne was such a calming and empowering presence - we felt truly heard and supported by her. Our appointments always left us feeling reassured and relaxed.” - Lionel



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