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Chat with a doula

50min chat session


(£60 for 90min)

Often, when you're talking to a friend about a problem in your life, something that worries you, or something that makes your feel vulnerable, you can face these reactions :

- the other person diverts the conversation onto their own experience

- the other person tells you not to worry

- the other person is giving you advice

- the other person is too keen to respond and fix your problem to actually listen to you

... Sounds familiar ?

In casual conversations, we often struggle to practice empathetic listening : a type of listening when the goal isn't finding the right answer, but holding space for the person across. And this type of listening is a doula first tool.

Whatever you feel you want to talk about - whether it's about your pregnancy (even if you don't want a birth doula), your new baby, parenting an older child, or even talking about your dream project - I'm here to listen, and hold space for you. I will not judge, criticise, give unsolicited advice, or try to fix your issue. I will simply lend you an ear, so that you can feel heard.

If you'd like a chat with me, please get in touch.

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