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Honouring the Mother

What is a Mother Blessing Ceremony?

Mother Blessing Ceremonies are derived from a Dine Navajo tradition called a Blessingway. Traditionally, a circle of women will gather around the expecting mother to create a circle of support and bless the way ahead for her. In many cultures, we were used to this web of support coming from mothers, sisters, aunts and close friends around us. Giving birth is a deep, life changing event, and it deserves to be celebrated as such.

Nowadays, you'll often experience baby showers instead, where the mother receives many gifts intended for her baby. Whilst this can be lovely in its own right, a Mother Blessing focuses on the mother, not the child, and aims to supply her with encouragement, reassurance and love as she approaches her initiation into motherhood.

At a Mother Blessing, you are the guest of honour. It can fulfil your own idea of a day that celebrates you, and your own journey in pregnancy and birth. It can be adapted to your own belief system.

How does it work ?


If you wish to have me facilitate a Mother Blessing Ceremony for you, I will meet with you so that we can talk about your own vision. You'll make your guest list, and I will come up with creative ideas to make the day an ideal celebration. A few examples of what a Mother Blessing Ceremony might entail...

  • The officiant reading some quotes or poems about pregnancy, birth, and the passage to motherhood

  • The guests gathering around the Mother and sharing with her their own stories of pregnancy, birth and parenthood

  • Guests drawing affirmation cards or prayer flags for the birth space

  • Guests each bringing a pearl to create a necklace that the birthing person can wear during labour

  • Guests each bringing a card with a love note for the mother, or for the baby

  • Guests bringing thoughtful gifts for the mother – herbs for post partum and breastfeeding, bath salts, candles, nutritions food, anything that they believe will support the mother after birth

  • The pregnant mother being massaged and fed delicious food

  • Guests helping to make a belly cast of the mother

  • Guests making an agreement to light a candle in the mother’s honour, as soon as her labour has begun

  • Everyone sharing a slow and connected moment, and leaving feeling nurtured and inspired


How much does it cost ?

£120. This include our initial meeting, the organisation on my part, and my presence in gently leading the Ceremony (around two hours).

(£100 if I am also your birth doula)

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