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Starting Solids Workshop

This is a two hours workshop aimed at parents of children between 0-6 months old - whether that is your first child or your seventh ! It focuses on giving you evidence based information about starting solids with your baby.

What we cover :

- Your baby's development and signs for readiness for starting solids

- Frequent worries parents have about starting solids

- Evidence based informations on industrial baby food

- The pros and cons of spoon fed weaning and baby led weaning

- How to create a calm, healthy and joyful relationship with food, and how to deal with fussy eating

It also includes :

- A direct communication with me to share your worries about the process

- A take home pack with resources on baby led weaning, healthy meals and infant nutrition, and a menu planner

- An invitation to a private facebook group where you can share your experiences with other parents and get food ideas.

I run this workshop in person and online, for groups of 4 to 10 people. The price is £30 per family. I can also run a private workshop in your home - the price is £90.

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